Reading at SCPS

Promoting independent reading remains key in our quest to build capable readers.  Listed below are a few initiatives that demonstrate how reading progressed at our school over the past academic year.

Virtual Author Visit 2021

A school author visit has the potential not only for jumpstarting writing projects, but also instilling a passion in students for following their dreams. This year we had a virtual author visit for our P.4 – P.6 students on 2nd July 2021.

Diane Magras connected with the students and took them on a literary journey.  Meeting her made the writing process, her books and herself accessible and real to our students.

SCPS Battle of the Books 2021

St. Clare’s Primary School’s Battle of the Books 2021 for P.4 and P.5 students was a success. They were held on 5th July and 7th July 2021 respectively. The event was a celebration of reading where students collaborated with teachers and pitched in remarkably for one-of-a-kind experience. Most importantly, the event was a good display of our students’ love for reading.

P.4 Battle of the Books 2021 – Winner P4_Wisdom
P.5 Battle of the Books 2021 – Winner P5_Knowledge

Book Character Dress-up Day

Love of reading is always topped off by one of our favorite days...
Book Character Day! On Book Character Dress-up Day, students dressed up as their favorite characters from books they love, and shared stories related to those characters. The Book Character Dress-up Day was held on 5th July 2021 for P.1 – P.3 students