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Challenge Days are a part of our school’s core curriculum. The days comprise overseas study tours, local outdoor trips and interactive workshops where students experience for themselves that compassion and connection with people from diverse backgrounds are life-changing virtues. Through thought-provoking games, activities, and discussions, the Challenge Days provide participants with tools to break down the walls of separation and isolation and build new levels of respect, independence and communication. Students leave Challenge Days feeling inspired and empowered to become valuable members of the school and community.


Extra-curricular Activities

We believe that academic subjects and extra-curricular activities complement each other and develop well-rounded, socially skilled, and healthier students. We have a range of fee-charging and non fee-charging extra-curricular activities offered at our school that tap students’ interests in various aspects such as sports, music, visual arts, performing arts, literature, science and technology. Through their participation in these activities, students can learn to communicate, cooperate with other students from other grades and enrich their life experiences along the way.

Fee - charging ECA

Athletics Team

Chinese Dance

Clarinet Class

Drawing Class


Go Chess Class

Handchimes Class

mBot Class

Mini-tennis Team

Rope Skipping Team

Lego Stop Motion

Non-Fee - charging ECA


Let't grow together


English for Fun

Little Genius

Young Pioneers of Christ

SCPS PROD (French)

Board Games

Sign Language

Modern Calligraphy



Students are offered opportunities to broaden their learning experiences in art, music, history, science and culture through outdoor visits that are organized throughout the academic year. By joining in the guided tours and hands-on tasks, students are engaged in a learner-centred and inquiry-based learning beyond the classroom which enhances their awareness of the world around them.



Modern Education Resources Platform


Counting numbers ( 1 to 10) Straight lines and curves Numbers (1 to 100)
Counting Addition (within 18 and 100) Subtraction (within 18 and 100)
Addition and subtraction with cubes Time Tangram


3-digit numbers Addition and subtraction with cubes Addition of 3-digit numbers
Angles Subtraction (within 100 and borrowing) Multiplication
Interactive clock Comparing 4-digit numbers Hong Kong’s Notes and Coins
Addition and subtraction of money Comparing weights Scale reading
Weight (grams and kilograms)


Length (centimeters and millimeters) Perpendicular lines Multiplication and addition
Multiplication and subtraction Mixed operations 24-hour time
Fractions Capacity


Multiplication of fractions with same denominators Proper fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers Comparing decimals
Symmetrical shapes Areas Prime numbers and Composite numbers


Addition of decimals Subtraction of decimals Addition and Subtraction of decimals
3-D shape (Prism) 3-D shape (Pyramid) Net of cuboid
Net of cube Division of fractions


Sections of 3-D shapes Changing between decimals and percentages Changing between fractions, percentages and decimals
Volume and capacity Diameter of a circle Circumference of circle

1. Allmath
2. Math Playground
3. Maths For Kids
4. Coolmath4kids
5. Kids Math
6. 數學故事廊
7. 中國古代數學
8. 數學遊戲