World Book Day 2024 – Suzanne Younan’s Visit

The World Book Day at SCPS just got extra special when children’s author, nature and animal lover, Suzanne Younan conducted two sessions for our P1 – P3 students at school on Tuesday, 23rd April 2024.
Suzanne wrote The Green Dragon books, using Hong Kong settings, to touch the hearts of children and encourage them to care for nature and take action. Her books present real-world issues of pollution in Hong Kong. Delivering her message through the Green Dragon and the many familiar local animals adversely affected, Suzanne effectively imparted concerns that have impacted her deeply. Through her presentations, she gave our young learners deeper insights into how some of our everyday actions are contributing to environmental deterioration.
Suzanne’s visit inspired creativity by allowing our young Clarians to interact with someone who has successfully created stories and characters, and tackled real-world issues to mitigate pollution in Hong Kong. Through the talk, students were guided to self-reflect on their own waste habits, and the practical changes they can make at home and in the world.