Book Recommendations by the Reading Ambassadors

 Author Visits to SCPS 2018
1. Tuesday, 13th March 2018 (P.1 – P.3 students)
Gail Clarke – Children’s Author, Illustrator and Storyteller

After 28 years as a primary school teacher in Hong Kong, Gail Clarke retired and migrated with her husband to Italy in 2004. From one migration to another, Gail started writing about migrating animals (parrots and arctic terns) and now advocates passionately for environment preservation. Gail is a well-experienced planet ambassador and will be sharing her daring stories with our P.1 – P.3 students on 13th March 2018.

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2. Tuesday, 27th March 2018 (P.4 – P.6 students)
David M. Schwartz – Children’s Author &amp; Speaker

With the same energy, humor and clarity found in his 50 books, David wows audiences at schools in the United States and beyond. David is an accomplished storyteller and a master at getting kids to think and have fun at the same time. His presentations lead children on entertaining and educational journeys that combine Math, Science, Reading and Writing. David will conduct a sharing session (that would include exciting Math moments) with our P.4 – P.6 students on 27th March 2018.

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