English Information

We take pride in stating that one of our students’ key strengths lies in their ability to communicate using a high standard of English.   It has also been our constant endeavor to instill in students a life-long love for literature through widespread reading for pleasure.

In the past few years, we have provided students with the following opportunities to further explore the language beyond classrooms–

Reading Award Programme

Students record the English books they read in the Reading Record Card.

The students who read the most number of books receive Reading Awards at the end of each term.


Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

The Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival is one of the prime events in which our primary girls get

the opportunity to challenge themselves in their spoken eloquence. Students give it their best when

it comes to rendering the chosen pieces of text and uphold the long tradition of performing

meritoriously at the event.


Big Sister Reading Scheme / Reading Buddies

Students of senior grades help students of junior grades enhance their reading interest by sharing

books and story-telling. The senior girls read to the younger ones and ask them questions to develop

their ability to comprehend and infer varied meanings from texts.

In the past academic year, we also had secondary students from St. Clare’s Girls’ School who came as

reading buddies to our school and read books to our P.4 and P.5 girls.


English Ambassador Programme

To further enhance students’ confidence in speaking, English Ambassadors from the senior

grades are stationed around the school campus on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students across

grades share interesting anecdotes in English with the Ambassadors and earn stamps in their

English passports. These stamps are redeemed for gifts at the end of each year.


International Festival

This is a celebratory day as students gear up for activities from countries around the world. Our

senior girls design, create and supervise their own booth games which are a manifestation of

world-wide etiquettes and culture. In the past academic year, students also got a one-of-a-kind

opportunity to experience the mystifying facets of African culture through African Drumming.


RTHK Radio Programme

The department also participates in the Sunday Smile Radio Programme organized by RTHK which

provides opportunities for students from P.3 – P.5 to use different forms of language arts. The students’

performances are subsequently broadcast on Channel 3 of RTHK.


Lunch Book Sharing

We make use of every opportunity in the curriculum to teach our students to become life-long readers

and cherish reading for pleasure. Teachers and students take turns on a regular basis to share their

favourite reads with all students during lunch breaks.