Fee Remission Scheme

Fee Remission Scheme

The primary school has a Fee Remission Scheme to enable needy students to continue their education in our school. A policy is set up to ensure fairness in processiong and sclecting successful applicants under the criteria laid down by the Fee Remission Scheme.

Fee remission is offered by the School Sponsoring Body - Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Angels.

Type of remission offered by the school

1. Full fee remission

For students receiving CSSA (Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme)

For successful applicants for full fee remission

2. Half fee remission

For successful applicants for half fee remission

3. 1/4 fee remission

For applicants with sudden financial crisis



Students who apply for fee remission should obtain the Application Form from the Class teacher. Application Forms are available from September of each new school year.

Completed Application From with necessary supporting documents must be submitted to the school.

A Letter of Notification will be sent to the individual applicant to inform him/her of the application result within three weeks from date of complete submission of documents.



The School reserves a final discretion as to whether to grant a fee remission.