General Studies Information

The GS curriculum aims at enabling students to:

• maintain a healthy personal development and become confident, rational
• and responsible citizens
• recognise their roles and responsibilities as members of the family and
• society and show concern for their well-being
• develop a sense of national identity and be committed to contributing to
• the nation and the world
• develop curiosity and interest in the natural and technological world as
• well as understand the impact of science and technology on this modern society
• develop care and concern for the environment

Course content:

The course content of our General Studies Department is based on the "Curriculum Guide (2002)" of the Hong Kong Education Bureau. It provides students with opportunities to integrate knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. It promotes creativity through hands-on and minds-on learning experiences and problem-solving process which helps them to deal in everyday life. We also hope to widen their learning beyond the school settings through activities like outdoor visits, project learning, and newspaper clippings to stimulate students’ awareness about environment, science and history.
We use English as a medium of instruction for teaching G.S. This is to provide a better English foundation for our students and to pave the way for higher standards in English-taught subjects when they reach secondary level.
GS assessment comprises various continuous assessments, projects, newspaper clippings, tests and examinations, all of which are conducted in English. Our syllabus includes materials taught in the textbooks and also current affairs.

Let's take a look at what activities the students had participated this year (2016-17)

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