Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Homework is an essential component in the process of teaching and learning which could facilitate students to self-review their progress and to better prepare for the learning and consolidation of new topics.

The School would assign students suitable amount of homework which fits the learning objectives. With a balanced quantity and quality of homework, students could improve themselves and have stronger learning motivation through teachers’ marking and feedback.

The School provides students with diversified homework. We hope that through different types of homework, students could apply the knowledge acquired in their daily lives; and at the same time, their abilities in writing, problem solving, logical and critical thinking could be further enhanced.

Students are required to hand in homework every day. If they miss handing in their homework, it will be marked on the “Missed Work” page in student handbook. Parents are expected to sign students’ missed work record, and to cooperate with the School by reminding their children to complete homework seriously for learning consolidation. It is essential for parents to review children’s homework, by which parents can have a better understanding about their children’s learning progress as well as the curriculum requirement.