Our Mission and Vision

Vision of the School

Nurturing students to follow the footsteps of our patron saint, St. Clare of Assisi, (belonging to the Second Order in the Franciscan Family) a model of truth, honesty and abandonment to the Divine Providence, and living her conviction with non-violent resistance in line with the school motto “Veritas Vincit” or “Truth Conquers”.

Mission of the School

We are committed to developing in our students a positive outlook on life and mutual respect and concern for each other. The school, mindful of the values of its foundation, endeavors to cultivate respect for the spiritual and moral beliefs of the Christian tradition and to create a community in which pupils, cared for as individuals, are helped to find fulfillment as they grow towards adulthood.

Clarians will reflect this beam by acquiring and practising the Four Cardinal Virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance through words and deeds.