Principal’s Message

My association with St. Clare’s began 40 years ago. From starting out as a kindergarten student, then to a secondary student and moving on to becoming a teacher and now to a principal – this has been one incredible and fulfilling journey!

St. Clare’s has been a place for me to build up the four cardinal virtues of Temperance, Prudence, Justice and Fortitude. I thank God immensely for giving me an opportunity to be here to grow, nurture our youngsters and work with our loving staff.  As educators, we should always create opportunities for our students to develop all aspects of their personhood with excellence. We believe that each student is special and hope that they can shine with their talents as they move on in life.

The most important value at St. Clare’s is LOVE. Clarians learn how to love and be loved, to understand and be accepted by others. Clarians take pride in being themselves while learning to be humble. They know how to respect and learn from others. It is of paramount importance that our students stay positive and try their best to overcome the obstacles they face.

We thank the Lord for guiding us Clarians over these 90 years. May St. Clare our patron saint continue to protect us and help us to live with care and love.  It is our deepest hope and prayer that our school will become a place where students can be called closer to faith and, in turn, draw their world closer to Christ.

God Bless,
Elsa Hui